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Boneless Skinless Chicken

Enjoy the convenience of boneless, skinless chicken cuts, perfect for quick and healthy meals. These tender and versatile cuts are ready to be cooked and incorporated into a variety of recipes.

Farm turkey

Indulge in the wholesome flavors of farm-raised turkey, known for its succulence and natural taste. Whether roasted, grilled, or used in sandwiches, farm turkey offers a delicious and lean protein option for your meals.

Smoked farm turkey

Experience the smoky goodness of farm-raised turkey, expertly smoked to enhance its flavors. With a delightful combination of tender meat and smoky notes, this turkey is a perfect centerpiece for special occasions or a flavorful addition to sandwiches and salads.

32 / 35 Hog Casings

These hog casings provide the perfect natural casing for crafting homemade sausages. With a versatile size range, they are ideal for creating a variety of sausage types, from breakfast links to Italian sausages.

Nippi 220, 300, 360

Nippi refers to synthetic casings used for sausage production. Available in different diameters (220, 300, 360), these casings offer a consistent and reliable option for creating sausages of various sizes.

Salami casings

Ideal for salami enthusiasts, these casings provide the traditional and authentic covering for homemade salami. With their ability to preserve flavor and texture, they are a staple for crafting delicious cured meats.

Bologna casings

These casings are specially designed for making bologna sausages. With their distinct size and properties, they ensure the desired shape and consistency of your homemade bologna.

Fresh frying sausage spices

Elevate the flavors of your fresh frying sausages with this specially crafted spice blend. Designed to enhance the savory profile of your sausages, these spices add a delicious twist to your cooking.

Smoked sausage spices

Enhance the smoky flavors of your smoked sausages with this flavorful spice blend. Expertly crafted to complement the smoking process, these spices infuse your sausages with rich and aromatic notes.

Wood chips

These wood chips are perfect for adding a smoky flavor to your grilled or smoked dishes. Whether you're using a smoker or grill, these wood chips offer a range of flavors to enhance your cooking experience.