(Available Fresh Or Frozen)

Choose from an assortment of individual cuts, create your own freezer packs or order a full beef, a side of beef, or a quarter of beef.​


The filet mignon extra-thick cut (1 1/2" - 2") steak offers a tender and juicy choice for home chefs seeking a smaller profile steak cut thick for the grill.


The T-bone steak consists of both the strip and tenderloin steak. The Porterhouse extra-thick cut (1 1/2" - 2") steak offers the largest portion of strip loin and tenderloin of all T-bone steaks. The perfect steak for a large appetite or for two.


A lean grilling steak with fine marbling, the Strip Loin / New York delivers exceptional flavor and tenderness. This steak is prepared from the short beef loin.


Typically highly marbled, this grilling steak delivers intense beef flavour and is among the most tender beef cuts. This signature long bone extra-thick cut (1 1/2" - 2") steak has an eye-pleasing presentation and profile for any plate.


Top sirloin steak is characterized as a leaner choice. It is often offered as a thicker cut to fully optimize its bold flavor and impressive profile on the plate.


The less tender lean whole muscle cuts, chops and steaks are trimmed and tenderized for consistency and appearance.

Steak Ends

Tips of sirloin steak, cut into bite-size pieces that are perfect for grilling, skewering for kabobs, or sautéing quickly in your favorite sauce.

Whole Bone-In Shank Steak

This is the foreleg portion of the fore saddle. The foreshank can include portions of the muscle and bones after it is separated from the brisket.


(Available Fresh Or Frozen)

Choose from an assortment of individual cuts, create your own freezer packs or order a full beef, a side of beef, or a quarter of beef.​

Prime Rib

Wonderfully flavourful, as a premium Oven Roast, Rib Roast is luxury priced and delivers a tender eating experience. The rib-eye is considered by many to be one of the most juicy steaks. Cut from the center of the prime rib, the rib-eye delivers superb flavor and firm texture


The rump is also known by the name hip cap. The sirloin butt hip cap is attached to the leg and is obtained by removing from it the cap and the tri-tip muscles. The sirloin Butt is normally cut into steaks or cutlets.

Eye of Round

This is a cylindrical-shaped, single muscle inside the hind leg. Exterior fat and membrane can be either removed or retained. The eye of round is separated along the natural seam from the bottom round. This cut is normally trimmed and prepared as a roast.

Sirloin Tip

Moderately tender with good beefy flavour, Sirloin Tip is a leaner, more frugal option than premium oven roasts.


Lean and flavourful, Cross Rib Pot Roast needs to be slowly simmered/braised for optimal tenderness, much like stew.


Shoulder roast is a bit leaner than chuck roast but still works great for slow cooking and shredding.


(Available Fresh Or Frozen)


Rich in iron and other nutrients, beef liver is a classic that has stood the test of time.


Whole beef heart can be slowly braised for tenderness or cut heart into pieces and pan-fry or grill to medium-rare at most for flavourful bites.

Beef Tongue

Beef tongue is a muscle like other beef cuts. It has a mild flavour and when cooked by slowly simmering, it has a tender smooth texture.


Oxtail is not from ox but from beef cattle. Use meatiest portions as stew meat, and bonier portions for stock.


Beef kidney has a distinctive flavour and texture that can be enjoyed served on its own or added to your favourite beef stew while it cooks.


(Available Fresh Or Frozen)

1/4 lb. patties & 1/2 lb. patties

The ground patties are mechanically formed into patties of the shape and size.

(come in a variety of flavours)

Lean Ground Meat

Medium or coarse ground beef is a perfect choice for gourmet steak chop burgers, chili, stir-fry, ragout or stew. Larger particle sizes will not break down as much as a fine grind, producing a moist and chunky texture.


Flank steak is lean with full beefy flavour. The flank steak can be marinated and grilled whole or sliced across the grain to reduce portion size. The flank steak features firm texture and strong beef flavours.


Extremely flavourful, Brisket needs to be slowly simmered/braised. Can also be smoked or made into corned beef. There are two cuts from the whole, brisket point and brisket flat end.

Stew Meat

Cut from the Chuck, stewing beef cubes have deep rich flavour. Slowly simmer in liquid for best results.

Back Ribs

Back Ribs are cut from Prime Rib, these are impressive to serve and fun to eat. Grill, roast or braise.

Short Ribs

Short Ribs are cut across the bone ¼-inch thick, and known as Korean-cut or Miami/Maui-style, these short ribs are good marinated and then grilled.

Soup Bones

Roasting soup bones before simmering makes a rich flavoured darker broth where you control the salt content.